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    The list below is an indicative price for reference. Please use the form above for a more accurate quote. Thank you.

    For iPhone or iPad repair in Singapore, we offer prompt services at the most affordable prices.

    We are a Verified 5 Star Shop to both buy and sell, or to repair with!

    Visit us at any of our locations, as can be seen on Google Maps

    We do not charge checking or diagnostic fees!

    Kindly keep the receipt for any form of warranty.

    Data Transfer (iOS to iOS only): S$30
    No company can guarantee 100% data transfer.
    Please backup important info regularly online and offline.

    Camera Removal for Military or Restricted Areas (all models): S$25

    Basic Water Damage (all models): S$70

    Unlock device (all models): S$40 onwards

    Indicative Prices are here provided in SGD.

    Cracked Screen, Faulty LCD, Faulty Battery, Faulty Buttons, Charging Issue, Motherboard Issue Indicative Prices: