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Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice, as the poet Robert Frost puts it.

Climate action is gaining ground. The 2021 natural disasters that unfolded all around the world, right after the initial impact of Covid-19, affected us as well. For Zu’es Connections, our retail business and supply chains were disrupted when local, regional and global customers, colleagues, suppliers and their friends and families came face-to-face with these events.

The two main trades we work on that help against climate change and human catastrophe are in our repair and trade-in businesses. By repairing a phone to prolong its lifespan if possible and by participating in a secondary market where customers can sell their phones, it is part of our job to help nature grow back before more lives are lost.

We hope to help our customers navigate a better future, buying, selling and repairing phones with them, to always be of assistance for the best of their needs and for the planet as well.

This note began with a quote from a poet. Now it will end with one from another.

但愿人长久, as the poet Su Shi puts it. May our common humanity continue.


Rashi & Racan
12 Jan 2022

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